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        永和发展有限公司成立于2013年7月1日,公司总部地处泰国中部偏南的Samutsakhon省Mahachai龙仔厝(cuò)府,距离曼谷仅需约一小时车程,临近南泰国海域。公司主营泰国海域优质原生态海产品的采购、储运、加工及出口等业务,产品涵盖鱼类、虾类、蟹类、贝类等海产品类别,公司拥有单冻生产线和过百吨储存能力的急冻冷库,通过急冻、冰鲜、自然晒干等不同加工方式生产出以AFOOD (阿福海产)品牌为主的系列优质产品。




     Yongher Development Co., Ltd was founded on 1July, 2013, located in Mahachai, Samutsakhon province, Thailand, about one hour by car to the south of Bangkok and near by the Thailand coast. Our company is specializing on qualified seafood raw material purchasing, storage,processing and exporting, including fish, shrimp, shell, crab, etc. We have IQF machine and frozen room and cold storage room which allow us to keep the raw material fresh. All the products are exporting by frozen,chilled, dry format under AFOOD brand, at the same time, we can offer OEM.

“    FROM THE SEA, ENJOY THE LIFE” is our business philosophy, “SAFE, QUALIFIED, CLEAN, FRESH” is our product criteria, combining with talents oriented management, we focus on exploiting Thailand original ecological seafood, insist on providing the best quality AFOOD products under the most reassuring, professional and efficient way, to insure all the products reach the international leading level requires. We will be proud of being a qualified original seafood supplier of you.

     Now we already have exported frozen seafood more than 50 kinds and dry seafood more than 20 kinds successfully to China mainland,  Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Chile, Australia, etc.

     We firmly believe that with our painstaking effort and innovation, our company can provide more qualified seafood to all the customers and give people an totally different image of “SEAFOOD PRODUCER”.